Our menu is created throughout the week by Chef Torsten Schulz:

  • Each menu consists of four courses and includes freshly baked breads and rolls and specially created non alcholic cocktails that utilize fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Although courses are all designed to complement each other, we want you to feel comfortable enjoying as many or few as you would like.
  • Each week, we also offer a four course tasting menu.
  • Each menu is designed to accomodate dietary considerations – specifically, gluten, vegetarian and dairy.  With each menu, you could enjoy a four course meal that is vegan, gluten and dairy free. This being said, menus, of course, also accomodate conventional diets and tastes.
  • We offer Gerolsteiner sparkling and Voss sparkling and still waters.
  • Courses one and two offer two choices each and consist of a variety of salads, soups and lighter entrees.
  • Course three offers four main courses – meat, seafood, poultry and vegan.
  • Course four offers two choices – one vegan and one conventional.
  • Please find attached our most recent menu.